Bait for fish
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Bait for fish

8 $/штука
Мосин Антон
,  Калуга, RU
на Флагма с 23 октября 2016


A group of students of advanced Universities of the Volgograd region conducted a study of the effectiveness of fishing baits. The outcome of some physico-chemical tests in laboratory and natural conditions, it became clear that baits main Russian producers of alternative methods (cereals, bread etc.) have a low efficiency. Having thoroughly studied the flora and fauna of all fish representatives, we have created a recipe, the most approximate diet of fish in their natural habitat (fish meal from river species of fish, algae, shellfish, etc.). It has been found that fish prefer proteins of animal origin.

On the basis of this knowledge, we have created our own technology of production and then baking fish meal. Baking takes place at a certain temperature and humidity, in order to open all the components of this composition.

After hearing the feedback of the fishermen, who were previously given the final product for testing, we were satisfied with the work done and decided to start the production of fishing baits, based on this technology.

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,  Калуга, RU
на Флагма с 23 октября 2016

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